Individualized Learning Curriculum (ILC)


Because every child deserves world class education…

Our purpose is to provide excellence in education by continually raising the level of expectations for educating our children and our teachers. We provide a model of learning for our community.

Hope Avenue Individualized Learning Curriculum is inspired by the idea that although the diverse learning speeds of children have to be addressed individually, they still need to belong in a group as much as every person needs to belong in a society. We maintain classroom discussion but accelerate children to the next year level according to their pace.


In the first quarter of 2013, Rev. Dr. Douglas Winget, a retired educator, theologian and historian, was searching but could not find a curriculum that best fit his two children. He has twin sons with opposite attitudes toward learning; one can learn in a formal classroom setting, and the other can learn by doing the cart wheel. So he approached Pastor Einstein Acuña, motivating him to create a new curriculum that would address the variety of children’s response to learning. Pastor Einstein, known for organizing summer workshop for children in music and arts, gladly took the challenge.

With some help from friends closely connected to various schools and with wide knowledge on different curricula used, Pastor Einstein was able to create a curriculum he named Individualized Learning Curriculum. This educational system is composed of two programs; Learn & Play Program for toddlers and kindergartners, and Accelerated Learning Program for Graders.

ILC is the first curriculum in the Philippines that offers non-traditional, individualized approach but with classroom discussion. It is formed out of these five fundamental concepts;

  1. The center should cater to all children regardless of religion, gender or socio-economic status;
  2. The curriculum should include two international languages specifically English, Mandarin Chinese, and one native language, Filipino;
  3. The maximum classroom size should not exceed 12 students in any case;
  4. The teachers have primary control of the students with minimum intervention from the administration or the parents, and;
  5. Christian values must be developed and practiced both by the teachers and the students at all times.

Hope Avenue ILC opens its door on the school year of June 2014. Today, the center continues to create development in its curriculum by recently applying the Singapore Math on all levels of Math discussions, and trying to improve creative thinking and analysis skills of students that would surely pave the way for advancements and progress.