Grader Stage

Falcon – Cultivating the Heart (age 7 to 9)

Language serves as the focal point of the Grader Stage. Academic subjects are enriched through the integration of English, Chinese, and Filipino languages that prepare your kid to be socially engaged in his learning process. The language curriculum, whether English, Chinese, or Filipino relate to the main lessons in the academic subjects like math, science, and world history. Here, the child learns the scholastics not just as a mental theory that must be memorized rather, an important tool to interact, relate and be accepted into the society.

With the inclusion of music, arts and culture on these languages and all throughout Hope Avenue ILC, even the most theoretical and intangible subjects like history and math become interesting to the child. Because of these, he is emotionally employed and comes to appreciate the beauty of the world around him.

Hope Avenue ILC emphasizes that the competence of the school-parent and how he commits himself to educating his students are the ultimate ingredients of the whole learning process. What the school-parent convey to the students as a person is more significant than his instruction. His understanding of the child’s talents, attitude, weaknesses and interests plays a vital role for acceleration and specialization into the Intermediate Stage.

Falcon classes (equivalent to Grades 1, 2 and 3) use the Accelerated Learning Program, an incorporation of scholastic activities such as reading, writing, analysis and arithmetic with music, the arts, and languages. Because the program mirrors the emotional and social development of the growing child, students are accelerated to the next stage individually. Daily classes are held from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon only.

Apart from indoor education, Falcon students take part in helping the community through Hope Avenue outreach program to street children. Activities include feeding malnourished children, donation of old clothes, talent workshops, and even tree planting. Such involvement inculcates a sense of gratitude for life and teaches them the value of sharing and caring for others.