Childhood Stage

Butterfly – Discovering Potentials (age 5 to 6)

The Butterfly class, similar to kindergarten, aims to prepare the young child for the academics that will take place in his grade years. By emphasizing social responsibilities and behavioral management, the child feels a change in atmosphere from a home-like setting where more often than not he gets what he wants, to a school setting where he needs to consider and respect other people’s preferences.

Young children, like toddlers, are also exceptional imitators. School-parent must model good character and moral values in order to achieve the goal of this stage. Unlike the Caterpillar where active play is the key component, the Butterfly demands firm principles and strong will from the school-parent for discipline.

However, Learn & Play Program still applies to the Butterfly class with some limitations and modifications. This time, the program allows the child to have fun and still learn to behave himself in a group. The program provides a balance between individual free play and organized group activity.

Classes are held daily with maximum of three hours per day. The Butterfly usually starts with household activities such as sweeping, cleaning, pastries, and planting; lessons in music such as voice, piano, guitar and drums are also emphasized with introductions to numbers and letters; followed by art activities such as clay modeling, drawing and watercolor painting; the day ends with story-telling of historic personalities and national heroes.