Toddlers Stage

Caterpillar – Stimulating Curiosity (age 3 to 4)

Toddler Stage is equivalent to Nursery in a formal school. The purpose of our Caterpillar class is to challenge a young child’s intelligence to marvel and respect his environment. This develops an excitement for the class discussions that will follow during the next stages.

Toddlers need to feel the warmth and security in their first walk away from home that is why it is the goal of Caterpillar to give them a home-like experience. The teacher, termed as ‘School-Parent’, is a qualified role model because it is well observed that toddlers are exceptionally skilled at mimicking adults. School-parent also provides the culture and attitude embodied inside Hope Avenue ILC.

Social skills, critical thinking and analysis need to develop in a child’s fresh mind. The Caterpillar provides an avenue for the progress of these skills through our Learn & Play Program.

Classes are only three days a week, with maximum of three hours per day. The day starts with artistic activities such as clay modeling, sketching, paper arts, pastel and water color painting; followed by child independence skills such us sweeping, planting, self management that include shoelace tying, dress folding, toys arrangement and more; and culminated by musical and linguistic activities such as singing, puppet show watching, dancing, and story-telling.