Child Care Center

The arrival of the four street children in the year 2012 became the defining moment as to what direction and societal class the organization is going to pursue – traumatized children. Being the most vulnerable and the weakest in the society, children should be protected and well-taken cared of by their family, by the government, and by every person or organization with capacity and willingness. They are greatly at risk not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They deserve protection and unconditional care.

Our partnership with Unbroken International conceived the first ever home care facility for boys in Bohol. We aim to provide rehabilitation and continuing education to abused, abandoned, traumatized boys aged between 4 to 14 years old all over Bohol, through endorsement by the DSWD. We have created a program and an environment that hope to restore, and in some cases, revive what was lost in the eyes and mind of a child – innocence, trust, dependence, and love.

These boys are housed in a hazard-free location with volunteer house-parents caring and loving them as their own kids. Specialists (e.g. Music Instructors, Math Tutors, Art Teacher) are also asked to regularly visit to enhance or discover the talent and skills of these children, necessary for them to develop confidence and future career. Daily activities inside the house include usual chores, two and a half hours of classroom instruction in Math, Science, English and Bible stories, nap time, prayer time, study time, and of course their all-time favorite – playing and snacks time.

The Child Care Center is being funded by, but not limited to, two main sources;

1. Talent & Skills Tutorial
Hope Avenue is offering after-school enhancements in academics, music, arts and sports for children in pre-school, elementary, high school and even young professionals. This can be considered as the bread and butter in raising money to fund the daily expenses of the center.

2. Fundraiser Events
In order to implement special (huge) projects such as building/facilities improvement or scholarship grants to school-aged children, Hope Avenue will organize benefit concerts, talent nights, fun runs, and sporting events through sponsorship.

Net proceeds from fundraiser events are considered outright as home care funds,; 33% of the net income from tutorial will be allocated for community programs; and the remaining 67% is for the expansion and stability of the organization.

Other sources of income include music and arts consultancy, product/services sales, referrals and events planning, and donations from private individual.

For more information regarding our child care center, or if you wish to donate any amount or time, please leave a comment on this page or contact the phone numbers provided on this site.

God bless you.