Why We Exist

“Hope Avenue is a community-service organization primarily established to elevate the quality of people’s lives through sustainable training and enhancements of their talents and skills; to serve as refuge for distressed individuals and be a channel of hope to the community.

How We Engage the Community

The heartbeat of Hope Avenue is community service through VOLUNTEERISM. Thus, efforts will be made to acquire more and more volunteers for this noble cause. There are two principles that govern in every activity of Hope; the first is voluntary service by the people and the second is the active participation of the local officials in the barangay. In order to fulfill our vision, these two has to be sufficed.

The Ideal Hope Volunteer:

  1. He/she is reasonably well-educated.
  2. He/she likes to be with people most of the time.
  3. He/she has a genuine compassion for people.
  4. He/she does not complain but disciplines himself/herself always.
  5. He/she would rather be outside the comfort zone than just do nothing.
  6. He/she is trying to be as approachable and accommodating as possible.
  7. He/she has yet to reach his/her personal goals but finds ways to commit.
  8. He/she wants to excel in life and will not settle for mediocrity.
  9. He/she does not like commercialism.
  10. He/she is looking for great significance in life beyond career and money.

Hope Avenue’s objective is to keep challenging people of all ages and walks of life to spend their life committed to the community. Specifically, we help people help people.

Hope Avenue is dedicated to working with the neediest, unprivileged, marginalized, and the most vulnerable people in the community regardless of their religion, gender or socio-economic status.

There are reasons why we need to do this;

  • We are the hungriest people in the world registered by the United Nations;
  • 17.4 million of Filipinos live below poverty line;
  • We have 1.5 million street children;
  • We have 14.6 million Filipino youth that are out of school;
  • We are the top drug smugglers & sex paradise in Asia.

The reports are based in the Philippine setting. As Boholanos, we need to overcome all this striking reality and realize that we need to act today. If we don’t, we will not be able to see positive changes tomorrow.



WHO WE ARE: We are Christians committed in serving the people through community service. We seek to follow Jesus Christ’s image as a lover of people, respectful of life, and refuge to the poor. We are stewards subject to change and recovery in the community, dedicated to working with the poor and oppressed people regardless of their religion, gender or socio-economic status.

WHERE WE WORK: We work in barangay level throughout Tagbilaran City as well as in the province of Bohol, and focus on every individual at all ages and walks of life for holistic transformation.

WHAT WE DO: We implement projects and activities that are essential for holistic transformation which includes spiritual, physical, mental and environmental recovery through short-term relief, such as providing food, medical care and other immediate solutions; we conduct workshops and seminars to the youth, women, children and their parents with regards to awareness and moral recovery; we promote environmental sustainability through tree planting, waste management, methods on recycling, coastal cleaning, and educating people on how to maintain a clean and green community; we obligate the government to be good examples towards the people by requiring the local officials to participate in the community service, thus, bringing back the people’s trust.