Hope Avenue has a consultative type of management which means that everybody has a “say” in every decision made by the administration. It is managed by Pastor Ramon Einstein Acuña as the administrator and is backed up by competent panel of advisers and incorporators.

The center has three primary offices: The Administrative Office which is composed of the Board of Trustees, the Operations Department composed of school-parents and volunteers, and the Specialists Department composed of professional instructors in music, arts, sports, and dances and in-house tutors.



The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Hope Avenue. It is the highest policy making body of the institution and handles all decisions for implementation by the Operations and Specialists departments. Currently, the board is composed of six (6) members and two (2) advisers as follows;

Ptr. Ramon Einstein Acuna        -BOT President

Jacklyn Joy Acuna                       -BOT Secretary

Ptr. Virgilia Acuña                      -BOT Vice President

Zolito Alaba                                -BOT Treasurer

Rev. Alexander Coriell              -Honorary Member

Rev. Marissa Coriell                 -Honorary Member

Alma Bella Winget                     -Adviser

Douglas Winget                         -Adviser