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Hope Avenue Philippines Child Care Center, Inc. is the pioneer child care center in Bohol, Philippines that offers a wide variety of child development services. It's a homecare institution for distressed or abused children, as well as a non-traditional educational system that aims to promote skills development and talent enhancements. The center currently offers an accelerated, no textbook, home schooling approach and one-on-one tutorial in music, arts, academics, and sports.

Our center is located at Rizal Street, Cogon District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Rizal street is merely 5 minutes away from Tagbilaran Airport, Tagbilaran Pier, shopping malls, wet market and universities in the city. In short, we are at the heart of the city, yet our center is blessed to enjoy a calm environment suitable for young kids! And with our building architecture facing a private road, you can be sure that every child is protected from the hazards of a busy city street.

The center also works for and with the poor. We create fund raising events and programs to reach out to marginalized communities.

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